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Dampness and Mould inspections

Why you need a dampness or mould inspection?

Dampness in a building can lead to poor Indoor air quality.

Dampness attracts dust and is a food source for mould.

If you have mould problems you most likely have a dampness problem too.

Our qualified and experienced technicians can inspect your building and diagnose what is causing the dampness and then take the necessary steps to fix it.

What we look for

Rising Damp – When the moisture climbs through your bricks and building products vertically. This is from a failed damp course or no damp course.

Damp crawl space or subfloor area.

Lateral damp – When moisture seeps through a wall, usually when the external ground is higher than inside.

High humidity due to lack of ventilation inside the house.

Leaking plumbing.

What we look for

Once we diagnose your dampness source we can address the following:

Home ventilation

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