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Energy Recovery Ventilation

Energy Recovery Ventilation

05 May 2018

Zenith Remedial is the number 1 choice for ALL ERV Installations in Australia.

What is an HRV or ERV?

HRV or heat recovery ventilation or ERV, energy recovery ventilators are methods used to reduce traditional heating and cooling demands of buildings, both commercial and residential. An HRV system will exchange the indoor air that is stale with fresh air from outside. It also captures the heat from the air that it removes and transfers it to the air entering, preheating it before it comes into your home.

In a similar way, an ERV can also treat and precondition air from outside, pushing it through your home. In essence, what you’re doing is exchanging the air from inside to outside, but having it set and conditioned in a specific way that you want it done.

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