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Energy Recovery Ventilation

Energy Recovery Ventilation

05 May 2018

Zenith Remedial are the number 1 choice for ALL ERV Installation in Australia.

Who are RecoveryVent?

RecoveryVent are the pioneers of ERV and HRV in Australian. In most of the developed countries around the globe, Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) is a standard item in homes, particularly new homes. In fact Governments are giving rebates to its people to compensate them for installing an ERV. ERV’s are an integral part of a building and we believe they should be in every home.

RECOVERYVENT are bringing ERV and HRV to Australia. Why should we not be using this proven technology that is widely used throughout the globe, why should be live in stale indoor air when we can use the fresh clean air from outside. The modern home is built to be sustainable and energy efficient. Government bodies are now putting in place higher energy efficiency criteria’s for home builders to meet. This is welcomed by home owners given the continuing rises in electricity.

RecoveryVent fresh air systems has the answer. New fresh clean filtered air every hour The air is pre heated or cooled by the outgoing air through the heat exchanger. Humidity is balanced through the heat exchanger. The added heating and cooling of the super efficient Heat Pump technology.
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